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For over a decade, Bitter Root Pottery has been a vital member of the West Hollywood, Los Angeles community. January 2015, we went from these simple roots as a mom and pop style community studio to partner with Westfield, opening our flagship studio at "The Village" Westfield Topanga Canyon, and in July 2018 we were proud to announce our latest studio at Westfield Valencia Town Center. Additionally, we have plans to expand throughout California, and nationally.

Throughout the studio’s growth, we have stayed committed to offering a creative space–to encourage a few moments of peace and Zen–for both children and adults of all levels. Tandem with the studio, Bitter Root offers off- site enrichment programs - infusing the surrounding community with an appreciation for the arts and beauty. Educating the public on the ancient practice of ceramics, the enrichment programs offer a hands-on approach to the appreciation of this art form.

While federal funding to the arts is being cut, our teachers bring tools, clay, and a curriculum to schools, organizations and living communities. Our aim to grow Bitter Root Pottery studios, is to offer an alternative space for creativity, learning, public gathering, as well as community space and awareness that is needed in cities today.

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  • Creative play with hands on experience

  • Encouraging students to create their own projects as teachers guide them through the execution of their ideas

  • Developing and sharpening critical thinking skills to complete projects in a fun, "no pressure," environment

  • Enhances community life by creating a humble and inviting space where people can host parties, gather, and enjoy each other through an ancient activity.

  • With each piece created, the maker is rewarded with an object that is completely their own.

  • Experimentation and excitement. Learning a new technique, or skill is always engaging!

  • A place of meditation and relaxation. The soothing practice of ceramics allow for the buzz of the outside world to melt away.

  • Teaching patience through the act of slow making. Ceramics is not an immediate art form. It takes hours–years–of practice to master techniques, and each piece has its own process that cannot be rushed.

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Bitter Root Pottery has also hosted one day events on-site at our studio:

Kids' World - As part of Kids' World program geared toward enriching children's lives through various arts and educational field trips, 30 students, aged 8 to 15 years, visited the studio for the day. Instructors taught kids about both hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques. Each student then got to choose to make a hand-built mug or throw a bowl on the wheel.

Girl Scout Troops - Bitter Root Pottery has hosted many girl scout troops looking to earn their ceramic badge! The scouts create their own pieces and get a behind the scenes look into the process of pottery as they take a tour of the studio.

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  • We are mobile within a 50-mile radius of our Woodland Hills, Beverly Grove and Valencia studios.

  • All materials, tools, and aprons are brought to the location by our instructors and staff. All classes are usually a ratio of 8 or less students per instructor- anymore, and we will send another instructor.

  • All pieces built on site will be carefully transported to our studio to complete the drying, firing, and glazing process. All finished pieces will be returned or can be picked up in 3 weeks.

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Annual Off-Site Contracts Include

Mattel Summer Camp - Bitter Root Mobile has successfully run an intensive one day program for Mattel’s Summer Camp. Mattel’s Summer camp had a large amount of students, and Bitter Root Mobile was focused on hand-building projects.

NBC Universal - Bitter Root Pottery has proudly taught Ceramics Enrichment Programs at the Bright Horizons Network and NBC Universal, aged K-6th grade.

Temple of Israel, Hollywood - Camp Simcha, Bitter Root Mobile worked in conjunction with Temple of Israel Summer Program Director to create a 2 week enrichment class for Camp Simcha. Thru a 2 hour daily class, campers ranging in age from 6-10 were able to create intricate projects in a variety of hand-building techniques. At the end of each week, campers got to hand paint each of their hand-built clay pieces before they were fired.

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Westland School - Bitter Root Pottery has worked with Westland School to create a semester long, weekly enrichment program for students aged 6-11. Broken up into two groups by age, each class focuses on different hand building techniques and projects. Bitter Root Teachers work in conjunction with Westland’s innovative and complete teaching program, tailoring projects to tie in with the students topic of curriculum.

Belmont Village - Bitter Root Pottery created an enriching program for the senior residents of Belmont Village in Los Angeles. Through 2 hour long bi-Weekly hand-building and jewelry making classes, residents are able to create intricate projects and build off techniques taught in class.

Urban Compass - Bitter Root Pottery partnered with Urban Compass to expose elementary-aged students to clay and the creative process. Instructors spent a full summer day creating hand-built projects with the students who usually don't have these opportunities due to lack of resources in their schools.

We aim to create a program that is suitable for your needs and look forward to hearing from you!

Westfield The Village

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